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Infrastructure Crisis Facility – Debt Pool

ICF-DP was a time-limited company, set up in 2009 and closed to new business in 2015, providing long-tenor loans to support infrastructure projects which had become stranded by the global financial crisis

Projects that reached financial close in 2016


Colombia Transambiental

Ivory Coast HKB Bridge

Achievements in 2016

In 2016, ICF-DP achieved financial close on two projects that had been committed, but not closed, before the end of its investment period.

The HKB Bridge in Ivory Coast connects two highly populated districts in Abidjan, providing a shorter, more direct route, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and journey times. It also alleviates traffic congestion on two existing bridges and allows for better infrastructure planning.

The Transambiental project in Colombia involves financing to build an integrated bus transport system that will allow a large number of old, inefficient buses to be decommissioned. It will reorganise the system so that travel routes are professionally managed and co-ordinated, improving service levels and journey times in the city of Cartagena.

Other notable highlights

In Senegal construction of the much-needed Blaise Diagne International Airport continued, with the final phase of construction expected in 2017.

In Nigeria good progress was made on the construction of the 459MW Azura Power Plant which is now more than 60% complete. The project will provide essential power to the country. By using gas as an input, the plant will reduce carbon emissions and improve the country’s energy security.

2017 and Beyond

ICF-DP’s investment period ended in December 2015. During the next 12 to 15 months the company will continue to disburse loans it has committed.

Having successfully fulfilled its mandate to help stranded infrastructure projects during the financial crisis, ICF-DP has now closed to new loan applications. This reflects PIDG's agility, filling market gaps as they appear and closing down once the job is done.

ICF-DP will wind down over an extended period, taking repayments on its existing long-tenor loans and returning these funds to KfW. ICF-DP anticipates, based on current forecasts, that KfW’s original pledge of €500m will be returned to the German taxpayer by 2027.

Annual Report 2016


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Annual Report 2016

Annual Report 2016

Annual Report 2016

Annual Report 2016