4,349 short-term jobs and 7,404 long-term jobs will be created by projects which reached financial close

Employment is key to alleviating poverty in the developing world. As well as creating short and long term jobs, infrastructure boosts the wider job market. PIDG measures its impact on employment by recording the direct jobs created in the construction and operation of infrastructure. For example, the 154 PIDG-supported projects that reached financial close are expected to create 230,153 direct long-term jobs.

PIDG’s activities have wider impact on employment too. There are indirect jobs, which are those created within the supply and distribution chain, as well as induced jobs, resulting from direct and indirect employees having a higher level of disposable income. Most significantly for PIDG, there are the jobs which result from the removal of an obstacle to growth, such as power provision, often referred to as secondary effects. The page on wider economic impact has more information.

This year PIDG adjusted assumptions for predicting the number of short-term construction jobs it creates in the housing and telecoms sectors, reflecting its commitment to being robust and prudent in the measurement of development impact.

Annual Report 2016

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"My job at the Tororo site is my first since 1973. Now my earnings help me to feed my family."

Geoffrey Othieno, traffic controller, Tororo solar, Uganda


Annual Report 2016

Annual Report 2016

Annual Report 2016