11.6m women and girls will have access to new or improved infrastructure as a result of projects that reached financial close in 2016.

The livelihoods of women and girls in developing countries are particularly affected by inadequate or unsafe energy sources, remote water supplies and poor transport links. The task of accessing energy or water often falls to female members of a household, limiting their economic and social opportunities. Infrastructure can make a large difference to this. Historically, PIDG has sought to estimate how many women benefit from its infrastructure projects, applying a tool to take into account local circumstances and the specific design of the project, but there is scope to take a more proactive stance and PIDG has been exploring ways to do this.

A review undertaken in 2016 for InfraCo Asia highlighted some specific actions that PIDG can take across its portfolio to encourage a more deliberate focus on positive outcomes for women. In early stage investments by the InfraCos, developers are expected to consult with women in the communities where they work to understand how to design projects with their needs in mind. In each project these factors are taken into account by the InfraCos to assess the additionality of developers. For later stage investments, the PIDG companies are expected to design the terms of reference for an environmental and social impact assessment so that it explicitly explores how a project may affect women in different ways to men. At the time of each investment decision, PIDG companies are expected to make a comment on the expected impact of that investment on women.

These steps will sharpen PIDG’s focus on gender and enable it to see more clearly where positive outcomes for women are being achieved and can be improved.

"I hope other women will see that they could do this job. Working in the power sector is not easy, but I do believe that women can do anything."

Nhu Quynh Ta, General Director, Lao Cai Renewable Energy, Coc San hydropower, Vietnam

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Annual Report 2016

Annual Report 2016

Annual Report 2016

Annual Report 2016