Annual Report 2015



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Scaling up PIDG’s technical assistance work


The PIDG business model is adapting to the challenges faced by today's poorest by recognising that tackling the infrastructure gap requires additional collaborative work upstream.

It has become evident that technical assistance has a greater role to play if PIDG is to continue to succeed and grow. For this reason, TAF and DevCo will now scale up their work, initiating a joint programme for 2016 and beyond.

TAF will offer a more accessible and expanded menu of grant funding that Facilities can apply to draw on.

Working jointly, TAF and DevCo will pilot embedding infrastructure transaction advisors alongside host country client government staff – at their request – to help to increase their capacity to put together a pipeline of bankable infrastructure projects that will attract private sector participation. The initiative aims address a key market failure – the lack of well-prepared, viable projects needed to close the infrastructure gap in developing countries – and ensure governments have sufficient capacity to develop and prioritise projects.

They will work ever more closely with PIDG Members’ teams based in PIDG host countries. They will also promote the development of a more programmatic approach PIDG-wide, taking on a knowledge-sharing role to help all PIDG Facilities successfully implement projects which mobilise key private sector expertise and financing to tackle challenges faced by the world’s poorest people, more quickly.